About Us

We’ll be honest with you - there is no shortage of online directories out there listing personal trainers. Finding a personal trainer isn’t the issue. Sifting through the huge list of names that get thrown at you is. 

In the absence of a personal recommendation and with all those options, how can you be sure your making the right choice?  

Generation Fitness was born out of a frustration with the quality of results generated when searching for a personal trainer.  The easier we can make it for potential clients to meet the right person to kickstart (or reboot) their health and fitness the better.  

Generation Fitness is an Online Fitness Community… 

With so many different approaches to training and an ever-increasing number of Personal Trainers to choose from, cutting through all the ‘training jargon’ and finding the right personal trainer to meet your needs can be a daunting process. Generation Fitness Profiles make finding and comparing Personal Trainers in specific areas quick and easy.

You tell us what you are looking for in a trainer and we’ll give you a Short List to choose from.  It’s that easy! The entire site is designed to ensure you get to choose from a list of personal trainers that offer what YOU are looking for.

We encourage members of the community to provide Reviews of their Personal Training experiences to help all those that will follow in their footsteps.  All public reviews are verified before they are posted. The Rating system makes it possible to find the best Personal Trainers in your area as rated by real clients, so you can be confident that you will find someone you can trust.

Log in and read articles, blogs and community features that will help keep you motivated to keep working towards achieving your fitness goals.  Getting started can be tough, but sticking with it can sometimes be tougher!

...Built on a platform you can Trust

Once you’ve spotted one, or a couple, of Personal Trainers that you think might help you achieve your goals, our messaging system allows you to communicate with them in a safe and secure online environment. The Generation Fitness Messaging System doesn't display full names or contact information so all your personal details remain private until you choose to disclose them to the Personal Trainer of your choice.

We’ve also added a feature that enables you to Report anything or anyone on the site that makes you feel uncomfortable.

When a Personal Trainer or member of the public registers with Generation Fitness we check that they are who they say they are by asking them to verify their online identity using a series of tried and tested verifications including - email address, offline ID, online ID, profile photo, phone number.

Every Personal Trainer on the system has the option of creating an online calendar displaying details of all the sessions they have available on their own personal calendar.  

Once you have found the Personal Trainer you want to work with, book in online and confirm your booking by making a safe and secure online payment.

More than just a Directory, we focus on helping the Public (and not just Personal Trainers) achieve their goals!