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The CrossFit Games is an annual competition that puts the fittest people on earth to the test through a series of gruelling events made up of a broad range of functional movements.  At the end of each competition they crown one man and one woman as the Fittest on Earth™.

Sounds a bit extreme to most of us, but is there something to the way these elite athletes train that could work for the rest of us?

Melanie Munialo, Fitness Fan and contributor to  shares her experiences.



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First Session Advice

Sessions with Personal Trainers should be incredibly rewarding, challenging and most of all fun. We’ve put together this simple guide to help you get the most from your session and have a safe and enjoyable experience.

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Beginners guide to trampolining classes


Trampolining is one of the UKs fastest-rising forms of exercise.  But why are so many of us are jumping on the trampolining bandwagon?

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Tips from the Pros

If you have never trained with a Personal Trainer before, taking that first step can feel a bit daunting.  We've put together some tips that should help get you decide whether the PT you have chosen is right for you.  

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Five common fitness misconceptions

We asked a number of personal trainers about some of the common mistakes people make when approaching their fitness.

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10 things to look for in a Personal Trainer

Many people are nervous about working with a personal trainer, but there are a few things you can think about before getting in touch and starting a conversation. Use this guide to help make sure you get what you need. 

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