If you have never trained with a Personal Trainer before, taking that first step can feel a bit daunting.  We've put together some tips that should help you decide whether the PT you have chosen is right for you.

South West based personal trainer Trystan Nolan gives us some of his training tips. He talked to us about setting “SMART” goals.

“It’s really important that you have something clear to aim towards, or you don’t know what you’re aiming for. Your goal should be:

Specific - such as reducing one’s time over a 5km run

Measurable - so you can see whether you’re improving or not

Achievable - many folks set themselves goals that are either too ambitious, or not ambitious enough. The trick is to find something stretching but not demoralizing!

Realistic - Remember that if you can only train for two hours a week, you shouldn’t set yourself a goal that requires six hours of training per week.

Timed - When are you hoping to achieve your goal? If you don’t set key milestones, your training is more likely to drift, and that’s when people get demoralized. A personal trainer can be really helpful in helping you set milestones, and ensuring that you stick to them.”