Fitness and Wellness Festivals




London, 3rd - 5th May

More of an event then a festivalBeFit is aimed predominantly at women.  Although the details for the 2019 events aren't released yet, it promises to build on the success of 2018's theme of 'Be Your Own' which aimed to inspire women to love themselves and their bodies and encourage body confidence.  2019 offers a variety of fitness and yoga classes, and a shopping village showcasing all the top brands of the fitness industry.

Balance Festival

London, 10th - 12th May

Billed as the UKs largest celebration of the wellness movement, this festival promises something for everyone: workouts with leading global fitness experts, a meditation dome with top wellness gurus and mindful yogis, a market stocked with everything that is trending in wellness, cooking demonstrations and much more!



Kent, 19th - 21st July

LoveFit invites you to is an escape from monotony and join them on a weekend of adventure, in a place for people to explore new ways of living and moving... it aims to mix of the elation festivals with the euphoria of a workout. Fitness is often seen as an end goal, but we believe life is about the journey — through finding workouts that are more likened to sports and adventure."  


Wilderness Festival

Oxfordshire, 1st - 4th August

Wilderness really does have something for everyone, art, music, food and of course fitness classes including yoga, barre, running and much more.  They promise a four day experience that will leave a lasting impression.  Their aim is to "inspire, challenge and enrich your lives".. by throwing open your minds to new ideas and experiences.."


FloVibe Festival

Hampshire, 16th - 18th August

FloVibe combines outstanding music, arts and wellness practices that promise to nourish and re-energise mind, body and soul.  “Experience empowerment through mindful movement and celebrate from the inside out.”

Soul Circus

The Cotswolds, 16th - 18th August

"Escape to the circus where wellbeing meets music at this holistic yoga and arts festival set in the rural Cotswold countryside." 


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