Frequently Asked Questions

Generation Fitness is a market place for Personal Trainers in the UK.  We do not provide or train Personal Trainers.  We are an intermediary platform that carefully matches clients with predominantly self-employed Personal Trainers. Through our platform, you can find, book and pay for Personal Trainers.

If you want to do a quick search to see which Personal Trainers are in your area, then NO.

If you want to filter through the results and match your specific requirements to the search results, we would need to capture details on your fitness goals and training preferences.

It doesn't cost clients anything to find or contact a Personal Trainer.  Once you are happy with your choice and want to make a booking, the Personal Trainer's fees are clearly displayed.

We do charge Personal Trainers a small administration and processing fee of 4% plus 20p on all payments made.  

Please be assured that Personal Trainers cannot get preferential treatment or access to client enquiries by paying extra as happens on a lot of other websites - we don't think this is fair (or honest)!  

We only use the information you provide to match YOUR needs to Personal Trainer services.  

Your contact information remains private and cannot be seen by anyone else.  

You can choose to Share your fitness goals and training preferences with the personal trainers you contact - this may help them prepare a response to your initial enquiry.

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If you don't find what you're looking for please get in touch.