on the ‘gram

Social media is full of inspirational accounts, from interiors to fashion, travel to fitness and everything in between.  Although we all know that spending too much time on our devices isn't good for us, occasionally the right post from the right person can give us that boost that we need.  Here's the top 10 insta accounts that we think are worth a follow!

1. Shona Vertue – Fitness, Yoga, Nutrition and so much more..

There is something reassuring about the fact that Shona Vertue has learnt her craft the hard way... by working for thousands of hours, with hundreds of clients in sweaty gyms and studios in her home country of Australia and here in the UK.

Her quirky approach to life and genuine passion for health and fitness are refreshing in a industry that can, at times, feel incredibly superficial.

Expect: Lots of safe work outs aimed at improving the bodies’ aesthetics and function, occasional reference to scientific research supporting various training methods and very occasional promotion of the Vertue Method, the popular online training programme for men and women that she launched in 2018.

2. The Body Coach – Fitness, Nutrition


You are probably already familiar with Joe Wicks, creator of Leanin15 and the 90 Day Plan.  If you are a fan of this cheeky chap from London and you don't already follow him, you should check out his hugely popular Instagram account.  Known as "The Body Coach" Joe is a TV Presenter, author (of popular cooking and fitness books) and a fitness coach that began his career putting in the hours as a Personal Trainer.  His fitness approach combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts with quick, easy and health meals with portions tailored to the individual.

What we like:  A healthy stream of doable workouts and tasty looking recipes that really seem to do what they set out to!


3. James Smith - Online Personal Trainer and Defender of the People...

Before we begin to sing Jame's Praises, you first need to understand that as well as being a very well respected Personal Trainer,  James is also extremely passionate about trying to restore the integrity of the fitness industry - no easy task!!

His training principles are based on educating his clients on the principles of training, so that rather than simply following a workout plan, they understand why they are doing what they doing.  His online programme uses hundreds of videos to guide his clients through every stage of the programme so that they understand what really matters when working towards their goals.

What we like: James' aim is to remove people's reliance on ineffective, misleading and in some cases dangerous trends and fads through education.  But as well as doing his day job, James is relentless in calling out those people and companies in the fitness industry who seek to profit from mis-leading and inaccurate information... and he doesn't hold back - expect the occasional expletive!  

In an industry that profits by making us all feel inadequate it is reassuring to know that there are people like James out there looking after our interests!  


4. Alice Liveing

With a CV that reads: Personal Trainer (to the stars), 3 x Best selling author, Women’s Health Magazine columnist, Women’s Aid Ambassador and host of the podcast series "Give Me Strength", Alice really is a force to be reckoned with.

A move away from her previous social media brand (Clean Eating Alice) and is now known for her fuss-free approach to sustainable fitness through diet and exercise, focusing on building strength, rather than obsessing over the scales. 

What we love:  Alice provides followers with candid glimpses into her personal life along side very professional workout videos and nutritious recipe suggestions. And for all the ladies out there are lots of fashion tips too!

5. Cat Meffan

A self-proclaimed Wellness Wanderer, Cat Meffan is an ex-gymnast and dancer who turned to yoga after knee operations and numerous other injuries forced her to take a more introspective approach to her passion for movement.

Now a qualified yoga teacher she has a comprehensive YouTube channel and an impressive following onInstagram, where she features all things wellness and lifestyle related.  If you’re in the mood for a bit of yoga related motivation and inspiration check out her Instagram feed.

What we love:  Cat uses her social media platform to share the valuable lessons yoga has taught her in order to help others make positive changes to their lives.  Expect insights into her travels, yoga practice you can follow at home and details on her yoga classes, workshops and retreats..

6. Strength Temple

Richie Norton’s personal journey to yoga teacher and online Coach is unconventional to say the least.  A former professional rugby player his first experience of yoga left him frustrated by his lack of flexibility, something many of us can relate to.  Lucky for us he tried it again some years later, only this time the movement felt more playful and regular practice improved his mobility and helped with old injuries. 


A move to Bali and many hundreds of hours of practice later and he was inspired to create The Strength Temple, a “holistic and individualised approach to health, strength (physical, mental and emotional) and wellbeing”. 


Richie’s aim is to raise awareness of the importance of mobility and make yoga accessible to others demonstrating the physical and mental strength that a yoga practice can bring.


What we love:  Richie’s take on yoga is refreshingly different.  He is relatable and his yoga practice is accessible and effective – no bendy hand stands here. His appeal to men in particular is something we haven’t seen before and is why we think he’s worth a follow!!

6. Carly Rowena


7. Olly Foster