Need some Inspiration

Inspiration on Instagram

Social media is full of inspirational accounts, from interiors to fashion, travel to fitness and everything in between.  Although we all know that spending too much time on our devices isn't good for us, occasionally the right post from the right person can give us that boost that we need.  Here's the top 10 insta accounts that we think are worth a follow!


Try Something New

It happens to all of us... you suddenly find it's been ages since you have done the activities you used to love doing.  Perhaps you're still doing them but your hearts not in it, or worse, you're not seeing results.  If that's the case, it's time to try something new!


Fitness and Wellness Festivals

Who knew it was possible to leave a festival feeling better than when you arrived!!  Yes there is music!  Yes there is dancing! and food...oh the food!!! but now, now there is also yoga, and meditation and HIT workouts much more!!  See what festivals the UK has on offer!